85 Gemini EP

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click here to download:  The solo EP from ya boy Yank, the hellraisin hellraiser. You get to see a more personal side of Yank, from the story telling to crazy bars, Yank continues to prove, he's got this. 

Welcome To Forever EP

Click Here to DOWNLOAD: The solo EP from First D.R.U. of B.O.T.H. This is a must have FREE DL for any B.O.T.H. fan. It's 7 "Stay Cool" tracks that will keep you chillin & vibin till the end. 


Choose Your Poison Mixtape

Click here to Download: The follow-up CD to Party Favorz. This is 11 "in your face, swagged out tracks" that show the undeniable chemistry between First D.R.U. & Yank.

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